Our Mission

To assist families struggling with poverty, blight and other socio-economic challenges which threaten the futures of their children. Our aim is to create opportunities for children and young people to engage in meaningful activities such as music training and mentoring programs. These endeavors are designed to help them do better in school and enhance their educational outlook, which will build positive self-esteem and foster productive social and family values.


The supreme expression of goodness, kindness, affection, commitment, dedication, intimacy and devotion; real love ultimately produces selfless sacrificial giving of oneself for the benefit of another


Fruitfullness that overflows, far surpassing sufficient. A plethora of plenitude, ampleness, surplus and opulence. More than enough


Sharing, Giving, Serving, Supporting, Providing, Supplying, Helping

Our Vision

We envision our efforts being an invaluable asset in disadvantaged, low-income communities and neighborhoods. We see healthy and happy families moving forward with a positive outlook for the future. We see young people and children full of creativity, enthusiasm and joy. They are eager to learn and excel both in the classroom and in their extra-curricular activities. Optimism will replace pessimism, and hope is renewed as the youth who will lead us into tomorrow are enabled with self-esteem, strong minds and healthy bodies. Our vision sees them on a productive path, equipped with the skills and the tools necessary for success and prepared for the inevitable challenges of life, which will come.

The miracle of love in action

Our Organization

The Miracle of Love Abundance & Generosity In Harmony With The Magic of Musical Education Bringing Opportunity Enrichment, Enlightenment And A Bold New Hope To Our Future Generations.

Board of Directors

Al Ferry - President CEO & Founder
Mayra Melgar
Jeff Lemucchi
Joy Byrum


Glenn Rodgers
Martin Ortiz

Musical Coordinators

Halasius Bradford
John Buller

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