Missions of Love Ambassadors are volunteers committed to promoting the organization's mission and vision. Ambassadors efforts are crucial to our success as they take on the important role of representing MOL and advocating on behalf of our programs out in the public arena on social media and at special assignments.
  • Share on Social Media

    Share your Missions Of Love experiences on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media connections you may have.

  • Invite a Friend or Co-worker

    Next time you are planning to volunteer or attend a special event for Missions Of Love, invite a friend, by engaging them with our nonprofit, you have multiplied yur involvement and impact.

  • Wear the Brand

    Wear our name or logo on your hat, shirt or lapel pin. You never know who you will run into and the conversation that may be sparked by someone seeing you wear the MOL or MM4K name or logo.

  • Connect

    Ambassadors are always looking for opportunities to extend and invitation to those who are in need our programs and services.

  • Raise Money

    Ambassadors are keenly aware of the need for the organization to raise money. They suppor those efforts, keeping their eyes and ears open for new fundraising opportunities.