One of the first questions I’m ever asked about MiracleMusic4Kids (MM4K) is, “What was the reason you started this company?” My answer has always been a consistent response. I started the company because I have a deep passion for music and I could find no better way to express it than by helping create the same values in young people.

There are literally millions of children that can benefit through the ability of learning to play an instrument or learning to sing.

Prior to forming our corporation I did some extensive research as to the effects of good music on the brain. There is no question in my mind that children can be a positive influence in their communities by taking advantage of music training. It can set them on a very positive path in life.

The direction of MM4K has taken on the goal of introducing music to children that are in a high risk situation. Specifically children that are underprivileged, children that often are unable to afford instruments, much less the cost of lessons.

I would also like to point out that many children may not have an interest in music but would love to be involved in other forms of Art, so it is with this thought in mind that Miracle Music is in the process of creating that avenue within the future.

Al Ferry, President